Things Soumik Roy Likes

  1. A cup of black coffee, roasted at home and freshly ground
  2. The look in people’s eyes when I simplify tech-speak for them
  3. Videos of babies eating a slice of lime or just smiling away foolishly
  4. The feel of warm, freshly-pressed clothes on my body, on a cold day
  5. A platter of cheese and cold cuts and a bottle of chardonnay at 3 AM
  6. The lingering smell at printing presses and gas stations
  7. Live music on the streets, no matter what country, genre or language
  8. Watching the sun rise or set from a really tall skyscraper overlooking the city
  9. Following a recipe for something I’ve never tasted before
  10. Writing letters and poems that I will never have to share with the world
Soumik Roy roasts and brews his own coffee when he isn’t writing.
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Things Suma Fiore Likes

  1. The kind stranger who shared her umbrella with me while we waited for a bus in the freezing rain
  2. Meeting another person who understands my sense of humor
  3. Both nostrils open and cleared after days of breathing from my mouth and drying out my tongue
  4. The last stroke of every painting that I’m as proud of as I am critical of
  5. The hilarious woman who asked why I cover my hair — then how, so she could do the same in winter, because her scalp gets cold
  6. The bus driver who made a point of greeting me through my earphones with a smile as I stepped onto the bus
  7. The rare feeling of unwavering inspiration from start to finish on a creative project
  8. A random yet meaningful conversation about birds with a blonde kid at my university
  9. A little girl and I pretending to be cats for 20 minutes in a mosque
  10. Finding a melted then resolidified bar of chocolate in my coat pocket
Suma Fiore is a hard-working and dedicated procrastinator. 
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Things Mark Frederick Likes

  1. Inconvenient, random acts of surprising compassion
  2. The brilliant lights in my students’ eyes when they first understand a new idea
  3. Sharp cheddar cheese and a cheesy smile
  4. The breathtaking potential in the smell of new book
  5. The sonatas and symphonies of Beethoven when I’m feeling utterly alone
  6. When someone who feels weak finds strength within themselves
  7. A laugh so loud and unusual that everyone turns to look
  8. Giant, white, fluffy clouds that make you feel both insignificant and divine
  9. The soul-soaring freedom of a road trip in the American West
  10. Stories that evoke airy exultation and earthy despair

Mark C. Frederick is an adult basic education instructor at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona.

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Things Alyssa Wohlwend Likes

  1. Seeing improvement in the children’s play I am directing
  2. The satisfied feeling when I finish editing the last photo from a long photo shoot
  3. Seeing my new white Toyota Camry, all shiny and clean, parked in my dirt driveway
  4. The smell of rain mixed with dirt when you step outside on a monsoon evening
  5. The sound of coffee brewing as I wake up in the morning
  6. The wind in my face during a brisk walk on a bright, sunny spring day!
  7. Listening to my favorite singer, Ernie Haase, as I get ready for the day
  8. The peace and joy that is felt in presence of God during a worship service on a Sunday morning in church
  9. Curling up with a soft blanket and cup of hot chocolate on a cloudy and stormy day
  10. The excitement and anticipation leading up to my first elk hunt this fall
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Things Nate Umbower Likes

  1. Playing first base in the warm weather
  2. Working with my brother Jeremiah at a moving company
  3. Playing catch with my dog, Panda, in a big field at Mountain Valley Park
  4. Cooking bread for my household
  5. Hanging out with my friends, Matthew and Melina, on a warm day in July
  6. Going swimming with my family on a hot day
  7. Going to the park with my nephews Jeremiah and Dominic
  8. Having big barbecues with my family in August
  9. Playing video games on my PS3 with my buddy Robert
  10. Playing “The Game of Life” with my little sister Haylee on a cold day in December
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Things Mason Brilliant Likes

  1. Going for a long walk in the middle of a sunny day listening to my YouTube favorites list
  2. Eating a bacon-topped pizza while watching Iron Fist
  3. Playing as my all-time favorite character, Roadhog, on a video game called “Overwatch”
  4. Rhyming and freestyle rapping when I am by myself
  5. Going to my G.E.D. classes to learn how to write an essay from my favorite teacher, Mrs. Buccigross
  6. Going out for a walk and hanging with Giovanni, Sammy, Brian, Wyatt and Mauricio in the summer
  7. Writing short stories and fan fiction in my personal journal, which is black leather with a metal plate strap imprinted with my name
  8. Talking with Giovanni and my cousin Britt on working with my inner anger with the world and life I have
  9. Going on an app called Webtoon and reading “unOrdinary” or “Soul Cartel”
  10. Meditating out in the backyard in a cool gentle breeze on a sunny day under a purple mat
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Things Kate Redmon Likes

  1. The rich combination of warm sunshine and cool breeze on bare shoulders
  2. Riots of fuchsia bougainvillea blossoms on overgrown shrubs
  3. Sharp-witted wordplay
  4. The heady smell of plumeria that envelops the senses when stepping off the plane at the Honolulu Airport
  5. When my pinochle partner passes just the cards I need for a run AND a hundred aces
  6. Warm, tropical rain that pours from the sky as if a tap has been opened
  7. Scrubby, grassy roadsides aglow with yellow wildflowers flying past my car window on road trips
  8. Saguaros in bloom like fat, prickly brides
  9. Fireplaces that crackle and whoosh like old women muttering
  10. Making lists

Kate Redmon is one of those people who always seems to learn things the hard way.

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